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Welcome to the Home Page of the ScanFly Network


Scandinavian Drosophila researchers suffer from being “insular”, i.e. their interest in Drosophila is shared with few or no other laboratories at their academic institution. Therefore, the synergy which arises from the exchange of ideas etc. between colleagues having insight and experience relating to a common experimental system is often lacking. This situation would be greatly ameliorated by regular interactions between the fly teams. The establishment of the ScanFly network is an effort to provide an organized setting for such interactions.

The goals of the network are

  • To embed all the Scandinavian research groups into the network
  • To establish a ScanFly web site to enhance communication and promote collaborations
  • To initiate a biannual meeting for Scandinavian Drosophila Research
  • To facilitate the mobility and training of young scientists to learn new technology and know-how
  • To aid new collaborations formed between the research laboratories

'The third Scanfly symposium will be held at Hotel Forsen Vindeln (Umeå) Sweden, 19-21st of May 2010. 


'The second Scanfly symposium was held at Jäneda station, Estonia, 19-21st of May 2008.

'The first Scanfly symposium was successfully organized in Sweden 27-29 April 2005' see the pictures.  


The ScanFly coordination group; Tapio Heino, Ole Kjaerulff, Tor Erik Rusten , Anne Uv, Dick Nässel

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